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Led Headlight Bulbs Rubber Dust Cover G02

Led Headlight Bulbs Rubber Dust Cover G02

  • Features

    1. High quality PVC rubber;
    2. Fits mostly LED headlight bulbs type;
    3. Easy to use, very simple and flexible installation
    4. Waterproof & Dustproof, safty fasten LED Headlight;


Led Headlight Bulbs Rubber Dust Cover G02 specification
1. Color:Black
2. Material:PVC Rubber
3. Diameter:70mm | Hight:33mm
4.Operating Temperature Range: ﹣40° to +210°
5.Ordinary version

1. Waterproof, dustproof, soft texture, easy to install
2. Designed for HID and LED Headlight Kit universal conversion and many more of your retrofit lighting assemblies.
3. Flexible installation, you can cut a hold with a knift for installation convenience.

Why do we need to use a rubber dust cover when installation a new headlight?
There are variety of headlight in the market. When car lover changing their headlight with new type, they notice the headlight is over size and can not fit the original dust cover. To solve such problem, we design the flexible rubber dust cover and kick away the original over dust cover. We CN360 have 30 kinds of dust cover to meet different orginal dust cover demand. Welcome for discuss if OEM rubber dust cover is needed.

CN360 have more than 30 kinds of car led headlight dust cover for your choosen:

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