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Why we launch higher power F3C LED headlight
2020-08-07 01:17:18 View Counts:

We CN360LED launched highest power F3C led headlight in March 2020, recently some customers asked us that what's the difference between F3C and F3S?
The following chart showed what differences between them, please find it.


First, F3C is with good quality wire harness while F3S is normal quality.
Second, F3C is with waterproof ring and you can take off the driver when install on vehicle, so it's very easier to install, while F3S is without.
Actually, the most difference of F3C is with higher power than F3S, so F3C is with canbus function to solve more vehicles.
Here are vehicles we have tested F3C H7 that 100% pass the canbus system.

Also we have customer who have tested F3C and gave us good feedback. He said he installed F3C H13 on Dodge truck with no any problems.


Maybe now you have question that how to make sure the F3C lifetime with start higher power 55w? Please check the following photo.


As the showed, F3C is built-in dual ball fan design and vacuum liquid conduction system for better heat dissipation. And it's built-in intelligent temperature control system for driving safety and longer lifetime. You will quickly know the fan is broken. Because the brightness was cut a half. So don't burn led chip and can't turn off lighting. No potential safety hazard.
Any questions about the F3C LED headlight bulb please contact us directly.

We CN360 never ever stop development!