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Why electric vehicles are the future?
2020-05-15 01:35:10 View Counts:

Why electric vehicles are the future?
China is the largest market of new energy vehicles, with sales of 1.25 millions and 1.20 millions passenger cars through 2018 and 2019.

Range anxiety and low availability of charging facilities have been always the main reasons that worry customers, making them with less confidence in electric vehicle (EV).

However, thanks to advances in technology and policy, more EV models are presented with over 400KM (248 miles) range at more affordable price. Besides, current fast charging technology is capable of charging to 80% car’s battery less than 40 minutes. Range anxiety has been greatly eased. Life of lithium battery is defined as the number of full discharge/charge cycles. Covering same distance, EVs with longer range consume fewer charging cycles. That is to say, models with longer range not only bring better experience to users, but also have relatively more durable battery.

Compared with traditional gasoline cars, electric vehicles have obvious advantages in terms of cost. First, the average fuel cost to operate an EV for 20,000km in China is about $565, while the average for a gasoline-powered vehicle is $1400. Second, for gasoline cars, a small maintenance is generally required every 5000km, like replacement of engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid, etc. For electric vehicles, the maintenance period is generally 10,000km. Just checking the basic parts, such as motors, battery packs, tires, chassis, etc. The overall maintenance cost is naturally lower without considering replacement of battery pack. Fortunately, car manufacturers such as BJEV, TESLA, TOYOTA and BYD offer free battery replacement service within 8 year or 150,000km; while WM Motor and NIO, even lifetime service .

Chinese taxi companies, car rental agencies and ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing have realized the huge EV market. Low operating cost is essential factor for business. More taxi, car rental and ride-hailing services are offered with new energy cars. It is also a good marketing strategy as today’s people prefer to stay eco-friendly and be a smart customer. These companies have built a great number of charging stations to provide EV drivers with convenient charging locations, which promotes even more to the development of EV market.

With the support and subsidy policies of EV, China is accelerating the transition to new energy vehicles. More and more cities like Shenzhen and Foshan have issued a document stipulating that newly registered cars for ride-hailing must be new energy vehicles. It is an irreversible trend that electric vehicles will gradually replace all traditional fossil-fueled ones.

Advanced technology, lower energy cost and environmental stewardship are compelling reasons and benefits for us to choose EV rather than gas cars. The development of car LED lighting shares the same advantages. Hope one day in the near future we are able to see all vehicles running on the road are EVs with full LED lighting!

We never ever stop development!