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C6 Smart PWM and Canbus decoder for Led Headlight bulbs
2019-06-19 00:24:48 View Counts:

As LED Headlight become a well-accepted for replacing original bulbs, to install a set of high brightness and energy-saving LED headlight turn into the first choice of car-lovers. However, some new installation LED head lamp soon accompanied with flickering and dashboard light failure. How shall us solve such problems?

 “It need to add led decoder or led Load resistor”those professional car-lovers said. But what is the realistic principle for adding so? The original car halogen bulb is a simple low resistance resistive load and powered directly. LEDs are semi-conductive loads which have high impedance and require constant current supply. The headlight control circuit is controlled by the car computer. Car LED Headlight working principle and working current are different from halogen lamp. After the modification, car computer can not detect the feedback signal of the LED headlight Bulb, and the dashboard will warn of fault light or flash lights, even turning off the light phenomenon.

The development of the lamp is from halogen lamp, HID to LED. The original halogen lamp is with heat source, which emits heat by tungsten wire, and its normal power is up to 55W. HID is a gas discharge lamp, which is also a heat source and rightfully its power is extremely high.
The car CANBUS system recorded with high power of the headlight bulb. While installing the LED headlight kit with lower power than halogen or HID, the CANBUS system will detect it and assess that its headlight is not power enough or it's defective. In this case, the the dashboard has a trouble code to warn us to change a headlight lamp. Some other cars are pulse-powering which cause the responsive LED flashing fast with the circuit. As age advances, CANBUS detect system are continually renew but still have problems.
Integrate the above problem, CN360LED launched her C6 LED car headlight decoder in 2018. The C6 LED car headlight decoder combines a resistor and an electronic capacitor decoder with a supplemental power of approximately 10W to match the LED lamp current of the original lamp. What is more, 10000uF large capacity capacitor was built in C6 led decoder to supplement the electric energy. The decoder is designed as a low-impedance input, and a low-impedance pulse circuit similar to the cold-start of the halogen lamp is provided to provide a correct signal feedback loop for the car computer, which can solve all the fault warn caused by the modification of the LED headlights. After one year of market verification, C6 LED car headlight decoder can solve more than 95% problem of the models are in accordance with LED headlights. Some kinds of models may still need to add a 50W resistor to the C6 decoder for figure out the system problem. CN360LED will never ever stop developing!