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M3 OEM replacement Led Headlight Bulb
2019-05-01 12:07:20 View Counts:
From 2012 till now, there are more than 50 series car led headlight on the market. Fan design and no fan design. Before 2015, most of customers would like no fan design led headlight bulb, because it’s longer life and better light beam pattern. But it still have a issue that the lumens will be reduced by more than 2 hours work.
From 2016, fan design led headlight kit were acceptable by more and more customers. Fan’s quality become better and better, and life time become longer and longer. The big advantage of fan design auto led headlight bulb that the lumens don’t reduced.
Before 2016, fan design led kit is very popular on the online, and no fan design led conversion kit is very hot sales on the offline. But in 2018, fan design led car headlight is top-rated sales both online and offline.
Today CN360 recommend M3 OEM led headlights bulb to you. It is worth for you.
There are 3 advantages.
Firstly, nearly same dimension as OEM halogen bulb.
Do you know same dimension’s advantages?
1, No any installation issue, and better fitting for 99% vehicles
2, Same beam piont to make sure perfect light beam pattern
Secondly, non-polar all in one fan design structure
1, Fan design to make sure high lumens, the real lumen is reach at 2218LM per bulb, Halogen bulb is 1200LM per bulb
2, Fan design to make sure high power, the real power is 26watts. Most of led headlight bulb is less than 20watts
All in all, no radio interference car led
You know that fan design car led headlight usually will be appear issue of radio interference. But M3 OEM led headlight bulb don’t have this issue, because we sepcial design driver electronic circuit.
At 125th Canton Fair, M3 Car Led Headlight bulb is also very popular,  most customers like M3 Led headlight kit's special amazing appearance design. And M3 led headlight bulb was adopted ZES led chip to make sure high quality.
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