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Upgraded M2S Supreme Led Lamp
2020-10-08 19:55:29 View Counts:

You know old style M2 led bulb is popular in the market because it’s mini design, good brightness and moderate price. Some customers told us they want such mini lamp but higher brightness. That’s why we develop the launch M2S led headlight lamp.

Firstly, let check the testing report of M2S led headlight.
M2S led headlight real lumen is 2519lm and real power is 32.15W per bulb. It utilize the best automotive grade multi-core LED chip technology to deliver ultra-bright light, in an ultra-focused beam pattern.

Secondly, how’s the upgraded M2S led headlight ensure high power and make heat dissipation?
The integrated fan and cooling chip provides heat and water protection and works even in the harshest conditions while the aluminum heat sink and turbo cooling fan promote a powerful heat dissipation that keeps this unit 30% cooler than your stock halogen.
M2S led lamps are fitted with an improved intelligent cooling system that ensures that they have a longer life span. This cooling system is a combination of turbo cool fan and dual IC control driver which provide 50,000 hour of bright continuous light.

Thirdly, the 360 degrees fully adjustable mounting collar makes it easier to properly align the bulbs thus ensuring correct beam pattern and perfect light output with no dark spot. Please check below photos for high beam pattern and low beam pattern of M2S led headlight. The superior light performance includes an extremely sharp cut-off line for a perfect beam pattern. This means the beam accurately illuminates what lies ahead without dazzling others, keeping you
safer in the dark.

M2S package:

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