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The first best fitting V9 LED headlight
2019-07-02 22:57:21 View Counts:

In the market, you can easily find countless LED headlights bulbs in different shapes with big dimension and huge heat-sink base. They can hardly fit in vehicles or can not fit unless after certain modification to original headlamp housing. When it comes to some particular modern cars, they don’t work well because they are too big for mini headlamp housing space. Because of diffcult installation,you received many bad feedbacks from your customers. 

CN360 E-mark approved V9 car led is created to help clients avoid this awkward situation. 

There are 3 reasons.
1, V9 not only has same size as the halogen bulb standard,but also is with same emission point as halogen’s filaments. 
V9 LED headlight
2, Easy installation and same light beam pattern but brighter than stock bulb. 
3,100% installation pass rate promised.
Besides small dimension, V9 covers wider range of models from single beam H1 H3 880 881 H8/H9/H11/H16(JP) H10 9005 9006 5202 P13 PXS26 PSX24 to hi/lo beam H4 9004 9007. 
For hi/lo beam, V9 employs built-in double drivers, which allows LED chips gain full power and stable output.
Speaking of the chips, V9 adopted Lattice Power CSP module as light source, which is with smaller and thinner size. 
High current resistance, high safety and stability. Ultra-high luminous efficiency, up to 120Lm per watt.
Now is the world of the first best fitting V9 LED headlight. Do you want to say goodbye to over-length issue for good?  
Just contact CN360 for more infomation about V9 car led!