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T15 led bulbs are used as reverse light and back up light in the vehicles
2020-04-23 05:27:42 View Counts:

T15 led bulbs are used as reverse light and back up light in the vehicles. There are kinds of T15 led bulbs in the current market, do you know how to choose a proper 921 T15 w16w lamp? In this article, let CN360 introduce you our top rated T15 led reverse lights.

1.Exclusive & high cost performance 2FT T15 led bulb
Composed with 15PCS 4014 SMD chips and 3PCS 3030 SMD chips, 2FT led bulb features soft light, low working temperature as well as wider light with high brightness. 2FT-T15 bulbs built in constant current IC and special hole design to increase air convection and heat dissipation area.

2FT-T15 led bulb is exclusive design, you won’t find the same bulbs from other suppliers to maintain competitiveness in the market.

LED chip brand: SMD4014*15pcs + SMD3030*3pcs               
Input(mA): 450 mA± 40mA/12V
Voltage (DC): 9V-18V

2.Smaller lamp body & real high lumen 3KG12 921 led bulb
Perfect Fitting 1:1 same light position as original bulb, 3KG12 921 led bulb with more focused bright light output. Though it has the mini size, the real power can achieve 4 Watt per bulb. Full 6063 Aluminum Housing with concave and convex structure, which can increase the radiation area, providing the bulb a excellent heat distribution.

LED chip brand: SMD3020*12pcs
Input(mA): 500±30
Voltage (DC): 10V-16V

3.360-degree light output 5U10-T15 led bulb
5U10 T15 led back up light used high quality SMD3030 led chips. Built-in Canbus which resolve bulb out error for most of the cars. It’s extremely bright and 400 lumen each bulb with Xenon White 6000k. Five emitting design along with 360-degree light output.

LED chip brand: SMD3030*10pcs
Input(mA): 650±20
Voltage (DC): 9V-16V

4.Canbus high power 950LM 5K18-T15 led reverse light
Canbus SMD3020 T15 led reverse light is 950LM. It is super bright and high lumen. How can we solve heat dissipation problem? Firstly, unique cooling structure design. Secondly, High quality aluminum circuit board instead of normal fiberglass circuit board. Thirdly, Built-in constant current driving IC to improve current and voltage stability.

LED chip brand: SMD3030*18pcs
Input(mA): 500±20
Voltage (DC): 9V-16V

5.Classic Error free 3G15A-T15 W16W back up light
3G15A T15 W16W led bulb is used aluminum circuit board rather than normal fiberglass circuit board. Built in increased Inductor make it more stable and longer lifespan. With safety can-bus, it can be installed on most of vehicles and non-polarity.

LED chip brand: SMD2835*15pcs
Input(mA): 350±20
Voltage (DC): 9V-16V