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T10 Led and Canbus T10
2019-11-22 06:07:53 View Counts:
Are you also confuse which T10 led bulb suit for side mark, which T10 led suit for license plate light, which one suit for reading light? Or do you also think that all of application need canbus T10?

On the market, everyone are looking for canbus T10 led. In fact, only side marker and license plate light need canbus T10 and just for European vehicles. Most of vehicles don’t need canbus.
There are many application of car T10 led , such as side marker, license plate light, reading light, trunk light, door light, dashboard light and etc.
For the side marker, Canbus T10 K6 is best choice
The defective rate is less than 0.008%
True lumen output is 210LM
UL, CE and RoHs certificates
More colorful T10 led for side marker, 6F10-T10 and T10-U1 are nice choose
White, Red, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Blue and Green are available
Soft light beam pattern
Cost-effective T10 led bulb for side marker, 2FT13-T10 is best choice
Very good light performance, soft and plump light beam pattern
Impressive appearance design
About license plate light, canbus 3G6 is better, non canbus all of CN360 T10 can choose.
Powerful canbus function and no shadow
For trunk light, more powerful is better for looking thing. We can choose 2FT13-T10 K6-T10, 3G6-T10 and 6F18-T10.
For the reading light, 3G3 is the most popular. Enough brightness and cost-effective.