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How to select a suitable Headlight Led decoder?
2019-07-22 19:53:30 View Counts:


How to select a suitable Headlight Led decoder?



There are kinds of Headlight Led decoder in the market, such as LED Resistor Decoder, LED Electronic Decoder and EMC Decoder.



Even there are more and more options for solving the canbus problems, but their pros and cons are varies.

Item Pictures Weak points
LED Resistor Decoder 1.Usually its power is lower than 5W
2.Automotive circuit test pass rate is lower than 80%
3.Over 10% car models radio interference problem cannot be solved
LED Electronic Decoder 1.Its operating temperature usually over 150 degrees or even higher
2. Small capacity, uniline and
3.Single function
EMC Decoder   1.High risk
2.Resolving a small number of car models



CN360LED has encountered many different problems in the automotive lighting industry for 10 years. We have probably summarized below error problems.



*Pulse strobe



*Burning wiper



*Burning computer



*Burning LED headlights



*Light off during driving



*Headlight can not bright up both.



*Light flickering, turns on and off intermittently.






These problems have blocked many car owners to modify led headlights and also affect the healthy development of our automotive lighting industry.



Based on the above reasons, CN360 developed a Super Smart C8 LED Decoder. During the 10-year period, CN360LED succeed installed and decoded more than 50,000 vehicles. We accumulated a set of experience in car decoding that using intelligent program chip control system, fully simulating the working characteristics of halogen bulbs, comprehensively solve existing problems. The various problems of the decoder also suitable to HID xenon lamp, LED headlights. Super Smart C8 LED Decoder have below features.



① Strong versatility, support for ordinary models / fast start HID ballast, LED headlights, LED fog lights and other loads.
② Safe decoding, no need to add load resistor , intelligent virtual load, low heat, <50 °C.
③ Intelligent code elimination, virtual load simulates the working characteristics of the original car halogen bulb.
④ Automatic matching power, support 5W-75W load, can use any power load, intelligent super decoder will automatically adjust the power between 40W-65W, not limited to any load power using.
⑤ Fault resolution: the instrument panel fault light is on, the light is not on, one side is bright, the light is off, the self-test flashing light, the pulse strobe, the light is off during driving, and the power supply of some cars and lights contains AC components. At this time, it is easy to burn the ballast or LED headlights, burnt wipers, burn-in computers, etc. In addition, EMI anti-jamming lines have been strengthened to minimize interference with vehicle electronic equipment, such as car audio, radio, anti-theft systems and so on.





Product Parameters:



Input voltage: 9-16V



Load range: 5W-75W



Constant power: 55W ± 10W



Operating temperature: -40 ° C - +85 ° C



Working frequency: 150HKZ