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Q&A of Canbus C6P Led Decoder
2020-06-26 19:04:03 View Counts:

Q&A of Canbus C6P led decoder

Since CN360 launched canbus C6P led headlight decoder, we received many feedback from our customers.
Just keep reading this article to find the answer for your questions of upgraded C6P led decoder.

Question 1
Q: What are the differences of C6P led decoder compared to the old style decoder?

A: There are 4 difference. First, the testing power of C6P led decoder is 6.6W, while other ordinary led decoder is 3.96W. Secondly, C6P used unilateral connector for better installation, other decoder used bilateral connector. Thirdly, 10000uF large capacity capacitor was built in C6P led decoder to supplement the electric energy of approximately 10W to match the LED lamp current of the original lamp. Fourth, C6P led decoder used electron wire and PVC cortex with Metal Gauze.


Question 2
Q: Can C6P led decoder solve all can-bus issues including the BMW, Benz, Jeep and Ford?

A: Most of American, Japanese and Korean vehicles only add C6P can solve these issue. But for some European vehicles, need to add a 50W Canbus Resistor wire harness and C6 led decoder together to solve these issues. Below are the feedback to know what cars work well with C6P led decoder. As you check in the below images, C6P led decoder works well and no flickering or error message in the vehicles of Volvo, Ford, Jeep, GMC, Dodge and Volkswagen etc.


Question 3
Q: You know C6 led decoder is very popular in the market, so what are the differences between C6 and C6P led decoder?

A: Firstly is the Size. C6P led decoder has smaller size than C6 and other kinds of decoder in the market, making it better adaptation for installation.
Secondly is the Wire. C6P led decoder using softer material and longer length wire, it’s flexible for bending and enough length when you install it.
Thirdly is the Waterproof dust rubber cap design. It’s special personalize for water-proof and dust-proof.
Except the different appearance on the outside, they are same on the inside. C6P LED car headlight decoder combines a resistor and a 10000uF large electronic capacitor decoder with a supplemental power of approximately 10W to match the LED lamp current of the original lamp.


So above are the feedback and answer of C6P led decoder. Welcome to test samples to get away form the annoying flickering bulbs and error message on your vehicle with intelligent C6P led headlight decoder.

CN360LED will never ever stop developing!