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P1 LED Headlight Bulb
2020-09-22 18:17:10 View Counts:

Design Intention. Want your factory halogen bulb or existing LED headlight bulb to shine brighter and further but your current bulbs just aren’t cutting it? Want to get rid of that old halogen light and offer your ride and updated look with a cool white light beam pattern? Want to pick up a new LED headlight kit with a compact size without any modification? Then CN360 latest P1 LED conversion kit is your first choice!

Compact Size. CN360 P1 LED headlight bulb share the compact size design, in a compact design  size that isn’t much bigger than the original halogen bulb. These LED headlight bulb has the built-in driver design. Do not need to worry about the installation issue if the original car assembly don’t allow the oversize replacement LED headlight bulb.

CANBUS Capability. You must meet the other LED headlight bulb produce flicker, give your error message or warnings on the dashboard? All of these things are solved by the built in CANBUS integration circuit found already inside the P1 LED Headlight driver. CN360 P1 LED headlight generates 34.93W(≈35W).

If you still meet the CANBUS issue on some specific vehicles(eg. VW, BMW, Golf and etc) or PWM issue, you can add our C6P LED anti-flicker / LED decoder, those bulb and decoder are totally plug and play. No need more modification.

Reliable Performance. CN360 P1 LED headlight bulb adopted 2.0MM double sided copper substrate board that offer the fast heat conduction. The lamp bead patch process uses a vacuum nitrogen furnace welding process, which can promise that the void rate of the lamp bead patch is within 3%, it can absolutely guarantee the safety and reliability.

True Upgrade. With the P1 LED headlight bulb, CN360 engineered solution that it has the compact design to solve most vehicles’ installation issue. Correct lighting output with powerful brightness, P1 can produce a focused hot spot of light to shine down the road without extra glare light, which perfectly matched the lighting filament location to engineered focus light just same as your original factory bulb.



Measured Lumen:

3341.32 lumen/bulb

Operating Voltage

DC 12-24V

Color Temperature:


LED Chip


LED Chip Quantity

Hi/lo beam: 4 PCS

Low beam: 2 PCS

Operating Temperature

-40to +85




Non polarity design

We CN360 never ever stop development!