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2FT Series New generation of cost-effective auto LED signal bulbs
2019-10-29 23:31:28 View Counts:
"I remember your quality for led headlight bulbs and led signal bulbs, but price is the question for our market now," Said Dmitry from Russia.
We are glad to know more feeling and actual demands from sincere customers. CN360 already launched cost effective V9 LED headlight bulbs in 2019 and received excellent feedback at Canton Fair and Interauto Show. In the second half of this year, we put much more effort on auto car LED signal bulbs. Now newly 2FT auto LED signal bulbs are launched. More information is as follows:
1.Chips. 2FT led bulbs are combined 3030SMD and 4014SMD as LED chips.
3030SMD has the effect of excellent heat resistance, high power and wide light beam pattern. There is soft light beam pattern, low working temperature for 4014SMD. Both these 2 kinds of chips are perfect combination. The chips was made by machine is all-in-one design, which we can control defective rate below 0.01%.
Why not choose 5050SMD or 2835SMD chips? Although price of 5050SMD is low, brightness of 5050SMD is dim and average lifespan is 3 to 6 months. 2835SMD has excellent brightness, but its working temperature would be high if we adopt 23 pieces of 2835SMD chips totally and light beam pattern isn’t soft.
2.Light beam pattern. 360-degrees lighting without shadow, soft light beam pattern. 2FT car LED bulbs are adopted 4014SMD with soft lighting effect.
Luminous intensity for 4014SMD is 24-26lm per chip. 18 pieces of 4014SMD and 5 pieces of 3030SMD are used for 2FT 3157 LED brake light. Glare could be controlled by selected correct LED chips and product design. We also use acrylic lampshade for led chips protection and plays a role in anti-glared design. Anti-glared car LED bulbs should be chosen when we drive at night.
3.Low temperature protection. The lamp body can be touched even if 2FT LED car light works over 1 hour.
We use copper plate for heat conductivity and choose hole design to increase air convection and heat dissipation area.

What is more, other features of 2FT LED bulbs are as follows:
Moderate prices
Small dimensions as well as high brightness
3157 and 7443 are CK socket style, they can replacement 7440 and 3156 application.

1.Why is price so cost-effective? Will you lower quality standard?
Because we purchase LED chips based on 50,000 pieces each order to lower the price of raw materials. Quality is our culture.

2.Why do you choose 2 kinds of chips for one bulb?
Because we combine 3030SMD?and?4014SMD LED chips to realize the cost control goals and high power function.

3.What sizes are available? Colors?
T10, T15, BAU15S, 1156, 1157, 7440, 7443, 3156 and 3157 are available. White, amber and red colors can be made.