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M5P LED Headlight Bulb-Super Power Of Compactness
2021-06-03 15:52:30 View Counts:

As LED lighting technology becomes more and more widespread, most of us are getting tired of finding and assess what is a good headlight? What kinds of headlight will meet the market and last long time?

The brightness of an LED bulb is measured in lumens, so that’s one important factor you will want to pay more attention to when picking a car headlight replacement.
More and more universally LEDs choose to sacrifice the heat dissipation performance and luminous brightness of LED car lights, and choose to make small-sized LED car lights. Although the installation problem is avoided, the brightness is not obvious compared with the halogen lamp. So how to make the car headlight with high luminous brightness and with small-sized to avoid installation issue? In stead, to build a stronger and mature heat dissipation system.

M5P led headlight, the super power of compactness, is with advanced cooling system.
Super Square high thermal conductivity copper tube to conducted most heat from inner chips. When the headlight is working, the most heat is from the chips, the copper tube can derived the heat rapidly.

You may ask, while the heat from the chips are delivered, but how can insure to diffuse from the bulb, since it will have a lot of heat while lighting. That is the reason why we call M5P LED Headlight as super power of compactness! M5P adopted multi-layer cooling fins to enlarge heat dissipation areas, After the multi-layer cooling fins absorbs the heat, it dissipates the heat in the form of convection. In the process of convection heat dissipation, the heat dissipation area is mainly determined by the surface area of the heat dissipation fins. The larger the surface area, the better the heat dissipation effect. That is really cool!

Far more than that, M5P LED Headlight Bulb equipped with high-speed hydraulic fan, which can further delivery the heat, and improve cooling efficiency.

We can’t find if there is any other cool heat dissipation combination like that more! So, why not give M5P a shot today!?

We never ever stop development!