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LED laser Light
2019-10-14 23:23:01 View Counts:

Yes, we CN360 first launch our first generation Laser LED Headlight.
People pass different judgments on laser light.
Those hold positive standpoint said its an interesting idea. Laser high beams in newer cars are used in conjunction with a secondary high beam pattern. The laser is purely to illuminate very far down a highway for instance, that is its intended purpose. They just shine the road ahead for ever like a laser they have no side light but you could see objects 2 miles down the track on the road away.What is more, Its supreme penetration special for rainy, smog, snow and wilderness surroundings makes it the king of the LED Car Light.

However others hold another point of view."I will stay with LED headlight. BMW lasers work and it seems to that the only way laser light will work is for a company to make whole headlight assemblies rather than just bulb swaps. Seems like its a pretty complex system with mirrors and such inside the lamp assembly. It can't use for low beam in the reflector and it's even lower LUX than halogen in projector.

Every coin has two sides. Current laser light must needs to be evolved sooner later. Laser light may needs a proper housing that reflects the light to a proper low beam pattern, like how a low beam halogen has mirrors perfectly placed to reflect the light coming from all directions. And it would be great to design one that takes the light from a central focus beam and spreads it out.
Just like the first Generation led headlight have many flaws with its first come through. BUT we never ever stop developed.