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It is the best time for Car LED Light ever!
2019-09-04 19:30:12 View Counts:

“Your products always are interesting, but price higher. I know there are excellent quality. But, my competitor selling the copy type and with lower price. Some people prefer low price in accessories...” Friend of CN360 Omar share his anxiety. But all of his anxiety end with our product VS copy testing and analysis report.

We CN360 never want to supplant the peer company who copy us or use the price to blind competition. Products quality is the top priority we CN360 most concerned and it makes us established a foothold in the market.

Some of you may said how about some special market who only focus on low price and is short of consider if its high quality? Some stories must share with you today! 

"Our canbus turn signal light will become so dim after 5-8S, but yours size is just fine can continue 125s then turn dim. We prefer yellow with less lumen but back-up light more high lumen. "Ilya said. No contrast, no harm.

 CANbus 7KG26 Series LED

*A Perfect Warning Canceller LED Bulb

*This product is designed for computer cars such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi…etc, and won't make warning light flash when using.

*No need to add resistors additionally and easily install 

*For installing this LED bulb safely, please keep 6-8cm distance from the headlight.

Why don’t you put our V9 LED on your market? We ask one of our customer in Mexico."Because there is a copy cheaper here in Mexico ” We heard the voice of heart broken. Just like a huge filter, all of the supplier are under acid test. Those who don’t have there core technology and own standpoint, can not fair winds and following seas. How can they survive and how can you trust them?

It is the best time for Car LED Light ever! We CN360 have come through the most hardships 10 years in this file. We survive and become more stronger, the most beautiful travel in the Car LED Light file will become perfect to with you to join, and welcome!

We never ever stop development!