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How to choose a proper H15 led headlight bulb
2020-08-25 23:23:35 View Counts:

As we known, H15 car headlight bulb is used as day time running light and high beam, while some customers are searching better quality and higher brightness H15 led headlight. Please keep reading this article then we will introduce you 2 kinds of hot selling H15 led headlight bulb.

V10S-H15 led headlight bulb

1.V10S H15 led headlight use automotive grade HGL3 and CSP2121 led chip, which makes better performance in higher current and heat-resistant.
2.Super high luminous efficiency, the output of V10S H15 led headlight up to 130Lm per watt.
3.Integrated design of smart driver and decoding, which can pass the decoding issues of the on-board computer, such as loop, inspection, and flashing lights.
4.Special design of the fan heat dissipation. The fan only rotates when the light is on high beam, it doesn’t rotate when we use the daytime running light, in this way we ensure long life service.
5.Same design as original halogen bulb, plug and play for easy installation.

Voltage: 9~16V DC/AC
Current: 13.5V/2.3A±0.2A (high beam), 13.5V/0.8A±0.1A (DRL).
Power: 30W±2W (high beam), 10W±2W (DRL).
Lumen: 1800lm (high beam), 600lm (DRL).
Color temperature: 6500K
Working temperature: -45℃~+85℃
Life span: >30000 hours
Other: anti-electromagnetic interference S95/54/EC, polarity protection


V9-H15 led headlight kit

1.V9 H15 led headlight kit use automotive grade HGL3 chip and CSP1919 led chip, which improve the current of chip and better heat dissipation.
2.Integrated driver with decoder design, no annoying canbus issues.
3.Standard design same as original halogen bulb which has same luminous point.
4.Compact and non-fan design with better fitting.

Voltage: 9~16V (high beam); 6~16V (DRL)
Current: 13.5V/1.5A±0.1A (high beam), 13.5V/0.6A±0.1A (DRL).
Power: 20W±2W (high beam), 9W±1W (DRL).
Lumen: 1600lm (high beam), 500lm (DRL).
Color temperature: 6500K
Working temperature: -45℃~+85℃
Life span: >30000 hours
Others: anti-electromagnetic interference S95/54/EC, polarity protection

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