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How to choose a appropriate C5W festoon led bulb for your vehicle?
2019-12-17 19:45:21 View Counts:
As we known, C5W festoon led bulb can fit a wide variety of vehicle applications, such as map lights, dome lights, trunk lights, Mirror light, License plate light, and reading light. But do you know how to choose a appropriate C5W festoon led bulb for your vehicle?
There are six series C5W festoon led bulb at CN360, such as U2-SJ, SJ-G6, SJ-K6, SJ-G3, 1KG6-SJ and SS-SJ.
1.SMD 3030 Festoon Led U2-SJ
U2-SJ is 120LM per bulb with soft lighting, perfect for interior reading light, which will protect your eyes even a baby in car. What’s more, we offer a lifetime warranty for this bulb. Sizes are available for 28mm, 31mm, 36mm, 39mm, 41mm.
2.SMD 2835 Canbus Festoon Led SJ-G6
SJ G6 used 6 pieces of high brightness 2835 SMD led chips to achieve high brightness 270 lumens per bulb. It has wide voltage for 9-30V. Added canbus function it’s most suitable for License plate light. There are 4 sizes for your option, 31mm, 36mm, 39mm, 41mm(44mm).
3.SMD 3020 Super Canbus Festoon Led SJ-K6
SJ K6 is our best seller and star product owned UL certificate. Lower working temperature and soft light beam pattern makes it the most appropriate for side marker trunk light. SJ-K6 are can-bus friendly and should not cause any "lamp out" errors in MOST applications. They have 5 sizes 28mm, 31mm, 36mm, 39mm, 41mm.
4.SMD 2835 Festoon Led SJ-G3
SJ G3 with competitive price which has 3 pieces of SMD 2835 led chip each bulb. These bulbs are the exact same dimensions as your original festoon bulbs and install with ease. NOT CANBUS COMPATIBLE. It’s good for reading light. All sizes are available.
5.SMD 3020 Smart Canbus Festoon Led 1KG6-SJ
High powered 1KG6-SJ festoon LED bulbs with added Canbus function and rear heatsink to disperse the heat. This bulb can be used on the majority of newer cars that would normally display a error after fitting led bulbs. There are 4 sizes 31mm, 36mm, 39mm, 41mm.
6.New Samsung chip SS-SJ
Perfect for interior dome lights and license plate lights. These bulbs have a safe and low-profile opaque white plastic shell around the LEDs to ensure no contact with metal electrical connections. Six colors available with more?options: white, amber, green, blue, red and purple.