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High Power and High Brightness P60 LED Headlight Bulbs
2021-12-08 10:51:16 View Counts:

P60 LED Headlight Bulbs, we can easily say that these P60 LED Headlight Bulbs outshine most of the other led headlight products on the market right now.
You may have a question, how come you are so confident about P60 led headlight? Let us show you now.

With a power specification of 4762.71LM/Bulb & 49.25W/Bulb, your car will shine like it is the sun itself. You can be sure that you will get the perfect beam pattern and no such things as foggy light or dark spots will prevent you from driving safely and in comfort.

There may raise another question, as a bulb with such real high power and high lumen, how can you make sure the heat is demit well?
Each bulb have double heat pipe, double heat conduction, which can rapid cooling, Continuous stability guarantee. After lighting up 30 minutes, it's performance is still amazing, 4270.68lm/bulb & 45.53W/bulb. Don’t ask yourself if by using P60 LED bulbs the light coming from your car will be brighter because the only real answer to this question is –YES.

Furthermore, P60 LED bulbs are with mini external driver, heat dissipation promise and easy installation theme.
Their installation process is super easy and can be finished in 20 minutes. And if all those things are not enough, these headlight bulbs are with built-in anti-interference chip to avoid conflicts with vehicle-mounted wireless equipment.

Finally, P60 is a elegent one, selected minimal noise fans, low resonance, low noise, longer life.

We never ever stop development!