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It is possible that a headlight can reach real 90 W without burning my car?
2022-07-19 10:49:45 View Counts:

The market trend is turning to high power and high lumen headlight, so many manufacturers would like to advertise their headlight “100 W power, 10000 LM or 20000 LM Lumen”. It seems to be attractive to most customers, but the experienced buyers would ask “Is it real?”. Then the manufacturers might tell the truth that the parameters are for a set (2 pieces) and they are theoretical value. However, many customers would believe the fancy advertising words and pay the bill. Comparing to halogen bulbs, those LED bulbs seem brighter, but comparing to our real 90 W start power headlight, they are like the moon is not seen where the sun shines.

Without any beautiful adjective phrase, please be ready to be surprising by our new F9 LED headlight --real 93.6 W start power and real 6464.56 lumen, which surpasses 99.99% of headlights. This data is directly measured by a qualified lab through integrating sphere. 

Now let’s go back to the question of title, and the answer is YES! Our F9 LED headlight has passed overheating test and maintain a durable performance because of multiple heat dissipation methods. Double vacuum copper heat pipe, aluminum cooling fins, and high speed turbo fan make up efficient thermal conductivity, which ensures F9 LED headlight ultra high brightness and power, but stable and durable quality guarantee. Each part's working condition is coordinated by an intelligent temperature control IC to balance the output and heat for stable performance, so it is not necessary to worry about the lifespan and working temperature. However, the brightness and working temperature of F9 LED headlight is higher than normal LED headlights’, please be careful, do not touch the lamp body and watch the light directly if you test it with a power source.
CN360 is always being the leading position to develop innovative and quality car lighting. We develop F9 LED headlight series to fulfill our mission of meeting the customer’s need of high quality headlights. Please check out more detail and other high quality automotive LED bulb at our website.

We never ever stop development!