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F3S Car Led Headlight Bulbs---You can’t miss in 2020
2019-11-13 22:25:18 View Counts:
F3S Car Led Headlight Bulbs---You can’t miss in 2020
If you are looking for the brightest car led headlight bulb of all, F3S is you best choice. The F3S car led headlight produces a excellent output that’s brighter than a 35W HID kit and 5x brighter than a OEM halogen bulb.
Tiny Structure Design
You know led headlight bulb with fan based cooling systems are difficult to install inside headlight housing with a dust cover. Because the fan base housing is too big to install, and need to change big space dust cover. But F3S is designed to be compact enough to fit in the tightest spaces.

Rapid Heat dissipation
We adopt copper heat pipe cooling technology in the F3 led conversion kit. The heat dissipation is 3x more efficient than the conventional heat sink cooling system.
For sure, the Turbofan ensures longevity of the cooling system and stable working life.
Light Beam Pattern
We choose the latest modular Led Chip set that the most advantage suit for reflector and projector housing. The start lumens is up to over than 5000LM per bulb, and the stable working lumens is 3600LM per bulb.