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E2 Halogen LED Headlight
2021-10-21 14:50:43 View Counts:

Halogen headlights were the standard for the auto industry for years because they were cheap to manufacture and simple to replace, but now LEDs are outshining them.
Anyway, there are many customer will still choose halogen-LED for its easy install and standard cut line.
However, LED headlights are all the rage in the auto industry these days and now are available on many lower-priced vehicles, though usually only on higher trim levels and often as optional equipment.
It become a headache to choose a halogen headlights or LED headlight.
Just try CN360's E2 halogen LED Headlight.
1, Truly non-destructive plug and play.
1:1 size as the original bulb, non-destructive instrallation, 100% play and play.

2, Integrated aviation aluminum design
The high thermal conductivity aviation aluminum cooling system can quickly cool the lamp body temperature. The advance automatic temperature regulator provides instant cooling effect, for long life-span guarantee.

3, 1:1 Design to halogen lamp replacement.
Custom light source at vehicle specification level.
The irradiation distance is far from dazzling, does not affect the oncoming car.
If there still have any trouble for choosen, that must be the lack of a email to CN360. We wait for your contact now.