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Choose correct Canbus and Non-canbus LED car bulb
2019-09-21 01:17:47 View Counts:
I found that it is a very strange question that most of customers would like to find canbus led bulb. One day I asked my American customer Steve why you always need canbus led bulb? He told me that canbus led bulb can suit for all vehicles, but canbus led bulb was easy to burn especially for side marker light. But CN360 K6-T10 has very good quality, I prefer it very much!

In fact, there are 3 applications need canbus led bulb, side marker light, license plate light and turn signal light. And only some vehicles need canbus led bulb instead of all. Here is my 10-year working experience for Automotive Led Lighting. If you think that I was wrong, please email me (email:, i will change my idea.
For side marker light, most of European vehicles need more powerful canbus Led especially VW and Fiat. Others vehicles are not required canbus led. So you don’t need to choose all of T10 LED are canbus. The cost of Canbus T10 led is much higher than that of normal T10 led bulb. Most of customers like to use side marker light as DRL. High quality and soft light beam pattern are very important since DRL lights up work very long time. Till now, CN360 K6-T10 canbus led is best quality at the market, the defective rate is less than 0.01%. CN360 K6-T10 led bulb is passed by UL, CE, RoHS certificates and got appearance patent.
For side marker light of other vehicles, we can choose non-canbus 360-degree T10 194 led bulb. SMD3014 led chip is best used for side marker light. Because its working temperature is low and light beam pattern is soft. We specially design F18-T10, 6F18-T10 and the latest revolution design 2FT13-T10.
About license plate light, Only European vehicles need canbus T10 W5W and Canbus festoon led bulb. SMD3020 and SMD3030 led chip is best used for License plate light. These 2 kinds of chips have wide light beam angle and brightness. Other led chips have dark space. K6 canbus festoon and 3G6-T10 are the most popular in the market.
About turn signal light, most of Japanese vehicles need canbus No Hyper Flash turn led bulb. When we installed auto led bulb into vehicles, the turn signal bulb would flash very fast. It’s about 0.4 or 0.5 second for flickering. But OEM halogen bulb has 1-second flickering. For sure, we adopt to add resistor and change flasher to solve this issue. But now, we don’t need to add anything to solve this issue. CN360 7KG26 Canbus Led bulb can replace previous solution. More Details are as follow.
For the brake light and fog light, they don’t need canbus for vehicles issued before 2017, but Mercedes-Benz released after 2017 also needs canbus. More and more information will update later.