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How to choose a powerful led headlight bulb correctly
2020-03-02 19:20:57 View Counts:

Currently, we got the feedback from our customers who are selling CN360 led headlight bulbs now, which is “In the video, we compare them with lamps for $ 10 and competitor lamps give out more luminas and power.” That is to say, CN360 some lamps $15-$25 are not more powerful than other $ 10 lamps with real 3000lm. Also our customers complained that “Thanks to these lamps, our competitors show such tests here and thereby undermine the trust of our partners in us.”

We checked the video from our customer and found they are very different with our lamps and have no way to compare their quality.

Nowadays, many customers prefer the higher lumen and higher power led headlight bulbs. Then how to choose a powerful led headlight bulb correctly? There are several measures for us to adopt.
First, we can choose a professional testing machine to test the lumen and power, in general, we CN360 use the integrating sphere as the following photo to have real lumen and real power.

Second, in general, a powerful led headlight bulb is with higher price. that's depend on the chips brand and inside components especially the cooling system and temperature control IC.
Third, the lifetime is extremely important for us.”We really don't want to receive many defective items from our buyers.” This is what our customers often emphasize to us.
Here we would like to take our highest brightness F3S as a sample.

1.Adopted automotive grade LED chip,5X more light output of stock halogen bulb, beat the 35W HID system.

2.Here is real testing report we test it thought the integrating sphere.

3.How to make sure the F3S lifetime because it is with high power and high lumen.
As we all know, heat dissipation capacity is necessary and important to led headlight bulbs. CN360 F3S is built-in dual ball fan design, vacuum liquid conduction system and intelligent temperature control system for better heat dissipation and driving safety.

From what has been mentioned above, we may reasonably arrive at the conclusion that the F3S led headlight is with price $28/set for single beam and $35/set for dual beam.

Consequently, it is not difficult to draw the conclusion that the price is not only depend on the real high lumen, but also the lamp chip brand, inside components, the defective rate and and the lifetime. So, it's important to choose a powerful led headlight bulb correctly!

Hope CN360 suggestions will benefit you and welcome to discuss it together!

We never ever stop development!