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Why does CN360 launch out Canbus SMD Car Led Bulb?
2019-08-23 00:14:33 View Counts:

In 2009, it was the first year I entered automotive lighting industry. My Polish customer Diego asked me if we had canbus turn signal led bulb. It was my first time to know that most of turn signal led bulbs need canbus.

From then on, we have started to research and develop canbus turn signal led bulb. 
Firstly, we have tried to add more powerful chip capacitor, but it works less than 5 seconds. And they will not have any canbus function after 3 months.
Secondly, we have changed chip capacitor to more powerful led chip that can rise current and reach canbus function. But this bulb only fits for 35% American vehicles.
Thirdly, we also have tried to increase the power of the driver. But if it is, the bulb easily burnt out.
At last, we only recommend our customer to add load resistor or change led flasher to solve canbus issue. Even if we fail in this development process, but we never choose to quit, just learn to rest.

In 2018, we finally launched out C1 Canbus SMD Car Turn Siganl Light Bulb. It can fit for 75% vehicles, but there are 3 shortcomings.
1, It doesn't fit for CK style vehicles
2, It only refits front turn light bulb or rear turn light bulb
3, The cost is a little high
Most of our customers want to refit both front and rear turn light bulbs instead of one of them. They hope we can develop Canbus led bulb with more competitive cost and let all of car owners refit better canbus led bulbs in their vehicles. CN360 agrees with it. So we started to find 8 engineers to develop this project and divided engineers into 2 groups.  After 1 year, Canbus 7KG SMD Car Led bulb shoot out. Details of  Canbus 7KG SMD Car Led bulb are as follows.


What're differences between Canbus 7KG SMD Car Led bulb and  others?

1) Smaller dimension than others, and easy for installation


2) it can refit both of front and rear turn light bulbs



3) it can be used for turn signal light, brake light, reverse light and DRL


4) it is adpoted Double-sided aluminum substrate rather than fiberglass substrate. There are 2 avantages of Double-sided aluminum substrate.


- Rapid thermal conductivity 



2 times defective rate less than fiberglass substrate

For sure, there are many features except above information.  


Working time over than 120 seconds for turn signal light

7 sided light emitting to reach prefect proformance

Adopted Smart Canbus CPU

Reducing projector lens design on the top, no glare and save cost

Special hole design of housing to achieve better heat dissiaptin and make sure longer life

100% SMT made to control high quality and reduce defective rate

CN360 exclusive sale
Feedback of 7KG26 Canbus Led Bulbs from our customers.

7KG26 Canbus Led Bulbs is really outstanding, and better for reverse light on car.
Canbus 7KG26 Led Bulb was installed on Chevy truck, and it worked.
It is unique, and very modern design, samll and powerful dimension. And it is not found on aliexpress or Wish, it is important for business in France.