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CN360 Quick start D series LED headlight bulb
2020-06-09 16:58:51 View Counts:

Recently we CN360 launched D Series LED projector headlight bulb and sent email to introduce it, while some customers don't know what's the D Series LED, here we would like to explain what is the D series from the source.

As we all know, H series and 900X series are generally used in halogen reflector.
The xenon bulbs with double lenses in the high configuration original car all are D series.
The real original installation interface of double lens is also matched with the D series xenon bulb, but not with the H series. For example, the original xenon lamp of Audi A8 low beam is D2S

At present, the model of original factory xenon lamp is generally represented by three characters "D * X".

D means xenon lamp

* means xenon lamp model: "1, 2, 3, 4".
Odd number means xenon lamp with starter, even number means xenon lamp without starter, in which 1 and 2 are designed with mercury, 3 and 4 are designed without mercury.

X stands for the letters: "S, R, C".

S means: the glass tube of xenon lamp has no coating, which is mainly used for the lens.
R means: the glass of xenon lamp has coating, which is mainly used for the reflector to prevent glare.
C means: there are different bases.

For example: D1S means mercury xenon bulb with starter for lens.
The following is our new design ZD Series LED headlight bulb.

Nowadays, the mature LED technology makes it more durable and brighter than HID.
And the factory HID XENON D series projector headlight is with the following disadvantage:
1. Not real quick start.
2. Higher frequency using and larger loss.
3. Brightness drops a lot after several months of using.
So we CN360 launched plug and play fast start ZD series LED headlight bulb.

There are three reasons to help you a hand to earn more market.
1. Plug and play, nondestructive replacment.
The adapter is designed to commonly fit S, R and C type D-series HID. Simply plug and play to finish hassle-free installation.

2. Real quick start and 150%+ brightness than HID.

3. Trubo fan with copper suit for super heat dessipation, stable lumen guarantee.

Here are CN360 ZD LED headlight parameters:

By the way, The appearance of D3 and D4 is the same as D1 and D2.
It should be noted that the gap position of the base is different.
The development of xenon lamp uses a new environmental protection mercury free design, so the voltage used is also different.
The voltage of D1 and D2 is 85V, while the voltage of D3 and D4 is only 45V. It must match the original car.
Any questions about the D series LED headlight bulb please contact us directly.

We CN360 never ever stop development!