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CN360 Car Led Festoon Bulbs
2019-12-26 17:16:27 View Counts:

According to CN360 more than 10 years’ sales experience, here we would like to share you three important information about the car led festoon bulbs.

1.As we all know, there are many applications for car led festoon bulb, such as reading lamp, license plate lamp, trunk lamp, make-up mirror lamp, etc.
And in general, there are sizes of 28mm, 31mm, 36mm, 39mm, 41mm and 44mm.

2.Do you know which sizes are widely used in your country?
For American vehicles, 36mm, 41mm and 44mm festoon bulbs are widely used.
For European vehicles, 36mm, 39mm and 41mm festoon bulbs are widely used.
For Japanese vehicles, 28mm, 31mm, 36mm are widely used.

3.Do you know what other names for different sizes of car led festoon bulbs?
28MM=3175 3022 DE3022 DE3175 6428 6430
31MM=3175 DE3175 6428 3021 3022 6430 DE3021 DE3023 7065
36MM=6411 6413 6418 DE3423 DE3425 3423 3425 6461 11005 12854 12844
39MM=6418 6411 C5W 6428 6461 6486X 6413
44MM=578 211-2 212-2 561 562 211 214-2 212 570

The following are our CN360 festoon led bulbs for your reference.
Canbus SJ-K6 is hottest sale one, the defective rate is less than 0.008%.
No glare, lower working temperature to make sure the longer lifetime.

Canbus SJ-G6 is super brightness one, true lumen output is more than 270LM

Non canbus SJ-G3, true lumen output is more than 120LM