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2019-08-12 22:49:46 View Counts:

Hello everyone, Welcome to visit CN360 2019 INTERAUTO SHOW at CROCUS EXPO. Our booth number is Hall 2 M661

This is CN360 fourth come to INTERAUTO SHOW. For sure, we always bring top-rated led headlight bulb and SMD car led bulb to Russian market.
In 2015, we launched out 3S 5 colors car led headlight, it is very popular on the Russian market. We are strat to focus on reserching and designing automotive led bulb at Russian market.We found there are 2 factors very important for Russian market, price and brightness. According these two factors, we always make many things to help our Russian customers to lead led headlight market.

In 2016, we shoot out CN360 N1 auto led headlight at 2016 INTERAUTO SHOW. It was being fast occupied whole market in Russia. I came to auto parts retails market in 2017, i nearly saw N1 led kit in every store. It is very successful product. But more and more copy N1 led kit was launched out on the market. We noticed that we need to launch new product to replace N1 led kit. But we need to change our mind from hid to led. Hid is the past, Led is the future. Led period means fast developing and launch products every other 2 months.

In 2017, we also brought our N1, N3,  canbus 7C and SMD3020 canbus auto led bulb to INTERAUTO SHOW. Our customer Anatoly told us when they are cooperate with CN360, he don't need to find other supplier. As our promise, good quality and real after-service.

In 2018, J1, YZ and N1S were important showed at CN360 2018 INTERAUTO SHOW. Because no fan desigh led headlight kit is better fitting for Russian Market. The customers don't worry problem of waterproof, dustproof and life time. 

In 2019, we will take part in 2019 INTERAUTO SHOW same as before. The same as in 2016, we will recommend V9 to you, it will be second crazy sell after N1 car led. Why V9 led car headlight? Ask V9 led kit? The details are as follow. 

CN360 team is waiting for you, our booth number is Hall 2 M661.

CN360 team is ready, welcome you come and visit us tomorrow. V9 is the next top-rated sale led headlight bulb. There are 3 advantages.
1, Same dimension as halogen bulb, 99% installation pass rate.
2, CN360 E-mark approved
3, Fan design, it’s better for Russian market

First day at 2019 INTERAUTO SHOW, thanks for our valued customers came and gave us orders. Many customers like CN360 E-mark V9 car led headlight bulb and canbus SMD 7KG26 turn signal led bulb. Please don't miss our show, CN360 booth# Hall 2 M661.

Second day at 2019 INTERAUTO SHOW, more and more customers would like to test V9 led kit. And many customers asked us how to solve canbus problem when installing led kit. CN360 C6 led decoder is your best choice.

Third day at 2019 INTERAUTO SHOW, high power ZD car led bulb and canbus SMD led bulb are also very popular.
ZD 5530 Series:
1. Ultra slim 1mm one-sided circuit board and double-sided patching process
2. Integrated driver and chips for lower defective rate
3. All-in-one aluminum housing design (H11)
Canbus 7KG26 SMD led bulb
1.CN360 exclusive distributor
2.4pcs turn signal bulbs can be changed together
3.Suit for CK style and regular style
Welcome to come and buy samples to test!

Fourth day at 2019 INTERAUTO SHOW, thanks for our friendly customers help us to buy our showed samples. CN360 will launch more and more nice products to our customers. to buy our showed samples. CN360 will launch more and more nice products to our customers.