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CN360 Family Vacation
2019-08-09 23:24:21 View Counts:


In order to much better know each other, CN360 team have a short vocation of travel every year. In the beginning, our subject is enjoy life. From 2016 till now, our subject is back to hometown and thanksgiving parents. 


With the beginning of August 2019, CN360 family went to the Zhaoqin for summer vocation. 


First Step, Ancient Song Wall and Straw sandals Street.


Ancient Song Wall, which originated from Sony Dynasty, that has more than 2800 meters. The mottled walls of the old bricks and the stubborn grasses that have been sewed out of the wall, which tell people about the vicissitudes of the millennium and the changes of this national historical and cultural city.



Straw sandals Street, it is said that the the solider live in the city to protect the city and fight against the enemy from Ming Dynasty. A woman, who call Miss Li, was ordered from the government to require her to produce 5,000 pairs of straw sandals with other solider wife. We also we can several straw sandals in the wall even nobody make it now.



Second step, Seven-star Cave.


It was heavily raining when we CN360 arrived in there. But we all held the umbrella to enjoy this special trip. According to the legend, Seven-star Cave was turned by seven Chinese angels who loves the bonny scenery so that they didn’t want to leave. It’s highly recommended to take the cable bridge. 



Third step, KTV.


After dinner, we went to the KTV for singing. In here, we can find CN360 has many potential singers, they did have good performance in singing. Definitely, we not only singing, but also had games, that’s the Voice of CN360. But before singing, we need to test who typewrite fastest by cell phone. So they had chance to choose the what song to sing to get the best performance.



Fourth step, Dinghu Mountain.


For the destination of August trip, we went to the Dinghu Mountain. CN360 family climbed to the top of the mountain, it is more than 1,000 meters. We found the waterfall between the mountain and that was once Sun Yat-sen swam in there. 



Thanks for this summer vocation, CN360 family relaxed ourselves and prepared to meet the coming of busy season. CN360 are ready, F3 and M3 led headlight bulb will bring third crazy sell period. Please join in us, we are focus on automotive lighting over than 10 years. 



Better Light Better Life