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Exclusive dealing CK style super canbus 7KG26 SMD led bulb
2019-08-20 19:17:18 View Counts:

After testing again and again, we CN360 finally launched exclusive dealing CK style super canbus 7KG26 SMD led bulb.


As we all know, now there are many good quality lower power led bulbs with load resistor in the market, why we want to launch canbus 7KG26 led bulb? Actually, our most of customers are still looking for canbus led bulb, because they don't want to add more resistors in the cars and they just need led bulbs plug and play. Also a lot of vehicles such as Toyota, Isuzu, Mg, Mazda, Ford, Chevrolet, etc., they are still with a lot of problems even adding load resistors. That's why we launched canbus 7KG26 SMD led bulb.

Here are our new super canbus 7KG26 SMD led bulb features:
1.No hyper flash problem. Actual 23W output without adding load resistors when you used it for turn signal light, brake light and reverse light. This makes for a simple plug and play installation process, a simple item to work with without the clutter of a load resistor. 
2.You can used it for driving/DRL lights. Although the 7KG26 led bulb is with high power at first, after about 2 minutes, the stable power is about 7w and available for driving/DRL lights at this time.
3.7KG26 led bulb is built-in double-sided aluminum substrate driver and with four-hole design to increase air convection. The heat dissipation is better than those led bulbs with glass fiber board.

By that way, each Canbus 7KG26 SMD led bulb is powered by 26pcs super brightness SMD3020 LED diodes (adopted SMT technology)to create a gorgeous light beam pattern that is three times brighter than halogen light bulbs (approx. 1000 lumen). 
Super canbus 7KG26 SMD led bulb is a CN360LED design product, exclusively available at CN360LED. Welcome to take some samples for test!