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What feature does the CN360 latest C6 Plus LED decoder have?
2020-03-18 22:24:39 View Counts:

Why some car have error message when we install led headlight bulb?

Most of the modern and new vehicles adopted the complicated electronic system to control or monitor your vehicle’s lighting. When you install your new led headlight bulb or led fog light bulb to replace your factory halogen bulb, you might see your vehicle’s panel light or led light bulb will  give you some warning instruction that the bulb can not line up with it’s programming, so that your need the extra CANBus warning canceller to keeps functioning.

What error massage we may meet ?
·Abnormally dim light output.
·The panel light give warning instruction
·Led headlight produce flickering or flashing when works

Many modern vehicles equipped with new program, which called PWM, pulse width modulation, to operate the different lighting systems in a vehicle. PWM stands for Pulse Width Modulation and it allows for halogen bulb dimming, reducing alternator/battery electrical usage load, and is a very popular control method in modern vehicles.

We’ve found the Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Jeep, Ford, Dodge and latest vehicles using PWM tend to need CANBUS warning canceler the most.

Based on those what we talked about, we launched the new C6 Plus LED decoder to solve those error message. What feature does the CN360 latest C6 Plus LED decoder have?

·Built-in grommet for easier outside of dust covers
·Specifically for integrating aftermarket 35w HID or LED headlight bulbs
·Longer life span, lower working temperature which generate heat above 70 degree
·Combines resistor and electronic capacitor decoder with a supplemental power of approximately 10W to match the LED lamp current to the original lamp
·Supplies constant power to LEDs with both resistive and capacitive feedback to handle the most tricky CANBus or PMW systems.

Features + Specifications
·Input Voltage:9-16V 
·Operating load range:5W-75W
·Constant Wattage:55W±10W
·Working Temperature:-40℃—+85℃
·Operating Frequency:150HKZ

What’s included
2 x C6 Plus LED Warning Canceler
1 x Gift Box