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2FT series Automotive Led Bulb
2019-11-27 23:41:22 View Counts:
Welcome to witness new model 2FT series automotive led bulbs with best distribution pricing ever!
2FT has remarkable appearance design with acrylic lampshade, which not only protects SMD chips but also gives out a gentle soft light out-put.
Besides a special lampshade, to achieve better anti-glare light beam pattern for safe driving and satisfactory brightness at the same time, we came up with the best solution of combined use of 4014SMD and 3030SMD chips. 
To give a you a basic understand on how we choose the chips for 2FT series bulb, here a brief explanation if you can read with a little patience.
First of all, we hope that 2FT is a glare-free lamp. After all, safety is always the first thing when it comes to car driving. No one likes to endure the glare of strong light on the road. Available anti-glare chip options: 3014SMD and 4014SMD. Both models are very good chips with low working temperature and good power. For cost-effective reason, we chose 4014SMD for the side lighting of 2FT bulb.
Second, we want that 2FT meets the high brightness requirements for different scenes. Optional chips with high brightness: 2835SMD and 3030SMD. But higher lumen means higher temperature, so we need to select a better heat resistant chip to ensure a longer working life. After the comparison, we elected 3030SMD with wider light as the light source for top of the bulb.
Last protective measure---lampshade, as mentioned above, is for LED chips protection and providing softer beam pattern, which gives the bulb a better look also.
Adopting one’s strong points while overcoming the other one’s weak points, this is how we achieve best result of 2FT series bulbs. We are sure about 2FT is a great product with considerable benefits for your distribution business. What do you think?
Welcome to contact us for distribution pricing now!