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Canbus F3 Car Led Headlights
2019-04-22 23:53:13 View Counts:
Many retail customers gave us feedback that our Led headlight kits have not enough brightness. Terminal customer likes ultra brightness. Meeting customers’ demand in automotive lighting is CN360 Mission, so CN360 must help us to develop ultra brightness Led Headlight bulb nearly 3600LM. You know many customers must ask why 3600LM is enough for lumens. I saw many suppliers offer 6,000LM, 8,000LM, 10,000LM and even 12,000LM. Here we must be professional and realize that these are not exact working lumens for headlight bulbs. They are maximum lumens for led chips. Because of these wrong and seductive information, many customers are only focus on mistaken lumens. Customers will buy these Led Headlight bulbs once suppliers mark higher lumens like “12,000LM” on them. We entered a four-year period of scrimmage from 2015 to 2018. 
But now, exact 3534.37LM F3 Led Headlight was shot out from CN360LED. 3534.37LM is stable working lumens for Led Headlight bulb. Seeing is believing, here is 2-hour testing report.
F3 Led Headlight kit is very impressive led kit. In order to make sure installation passability rate reaches at 95%, the shape appearance is mini design. Details are as follow.
You know it’s such mini led kit, how to ensure heat dissipation and make sure lifespan? There are 3 reasons
1, Adopt automotive modular Led Chip set, same chips as those for V10 and V10S led conversion kit.
The most important advantage is fast heat dissipation, and the lumens are much higher than those of other led chips, which F3’s exact 82.7LM/ W 
2, Built-in head pipe inside both copper PCB
Canbus F3 Car Led Headlights
Head pipe can help led chip to quick heat dissipation, and make sure longer life. And F3 Auto Led Headlights used double copper PCB which are much better than Aluminum PCB.
3, Applied double ball fan
Double ball fan has longer life than Hydraulic fan. Because Hydraulic fan’s gases will be dry gradually when LED Headlight kit is working. But Double ball fan doesn’t have this issue.

Sure, most of customers are also very care about light beam pattern. Almost 40% of bad feedback was caused by bad beam pattern. You know there is 80% vehicles’ headlight and fog lamp with projector lens. F3 Led Headlights same as CN360 V10 and V10S can better fit both reflector and projector
 Feeback of F3 Led Kit from our customers.
The H11 is perfect, fits very nicely, mounts perfectly into housing, very smooth beam pattern, is very easy to use
 The light is a bit better than F2 in some headlights and a lot better in others
  It is absolutely a lot brighter than F2 even the M3 is brighter than the F2