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3A3 high brightness LED Reversing Light
2022-01-08 12:02:19 View Counts:

Today we would like to introduce you our high-brightness condensing 3A3 reversing lights.

Power and lumen.
Using high-power led chips, the light-emitting surface is small, and the light-emitting effect is greater.
The powerpackage with up to 1600 Lumens of luminosity scores with highest optical eggiciency and homogeneous light distribution. This results in the possibility of an improved view for you and the improved visibility of your vehicle by other road users, and consequently also increased safety on-road and off-road.

Product technology and heat dissipation.
For the new 3A3 reversing light, the CN360 adopts flip-chip technology and all-aerospace aluminum parts to enhance the heat dissipation and make the product quality stable. Armed with the high-tech technology, the power of 3A3 LED reversing lights has increased by more than 70%, and the brightness has increased by 300% compared with the original car halogen lights.

Installation and adaptation
The CN360 3A3 LED turn signal lamp uses a special silicone head design to meet the needs of convenient installation and realize true plug-and-play. May you easily achieve modification in short time.
3A3 LED can be compatible with more than 99% of the car models, and there is no radio interference, so that you can drive more comfortable and enjoy the beautiful journey.

Canbus function version is coming soon! We never ever stop development!