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CN360 Thanksgiving 10th ANNIVERSARY
2019-10-04 19:25:54 View Counts:

 28th September was the date of our CN360 Thanksgiving 10th ANNIVERSARY, awesome thanks for our relatives, friends and some customers took part in our party. We were very excited that we didn’t know how to express our feeling. We just want to tell you that we are very proud to be the part of CN360 family, we love our CN360 family forever.

The party was very successful. We planned the party by ourselves and didn't ask any professionals to help us. Because we wanted to treat this party as a family gathering. We did not want to be too restrictive.

It’s time to review Party of our Thanksgiving 10th ANNIVERSARY. Firstly, let me introduce our comperes Kelvin and Shiny. Both they come from sales department and work for CN360 more than 3 years. Here is the photo of our comperes.

Secondly, the whole party process includes boss’s speech, cut the 10th ANNIVERSARY Cake, Wen-hua Chen and Chorus. Do you know what’s meaning of Wen-hua Chen? It’s special Cultural Spirit in CN360 family, one year meaning Self-identity, 3 years meaning Resolution, five years meaning Inheritance, 7 years meaning Devotion, 10 years meaning Cherished. At this year, there are five coworkers who work in CN360 over than 3 years, one coworker over than 5 years, and one coworker over than 7 years. All they work for CN360LED since graduating from University, and they never change to other companies. Because we love and enjoy our work, and all of our coworkers love each other the same as family. Let’s go to show you more pictures of our CN360 family.

Ten years of trials and hardships, promote the relationship both CN360 family members and clients. We sincerely hope that in the next ten years, we mutually creating the future and the magnificence. At last, we just want to say that happy birthday to CN360LED, we are 10 years.