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2020 CN360 Top 3 Best Seller LED Headlight Buying Guide
2020-10-30 19:46:24 View Counts:

In the year of 2020, LED headlight marketplace continues to get more and more competitive, with some impressive newcomers. This competition has also driven us to improve our products. We’ re seeing brighter LED headlights with a more focused beam, which is great for us as consumers. With this, we’ve combed through and identified the best LED headlights for 2020 in CN360.

#1 - High power F3S led headlight conversion kit

Real Lumens: 3400LM
Wattage: 32W
Cooling Method: Fan, copper heat pipe, intelligent cooling system
Warranty: 12 months
Installation pass rate: 90%
Unique Feature: Real high brightness and standard light beam pattern

The F3S led headlight conversion kits come with an intelligent control driver chip that helps monitor fan speed and maintain cooling. It operates at 6000K with real 6800 lumens per pair. Moreover, its advanced performance ensures a optimal beam without any lighting dark spots.
The installation of F3S led headlights is very convenient and can be finished within 20 minutes without any added wiring, capacitors, and relays.
The integrated fan and cooling chip provides heat and water protection, which works even in the harshest conditions. What’s more, the aluminum heat sink and turbo cooling fan promote a powerful heat dissipation that keeps this unit 30% cooler than your stock halogen.

*Powerful turbo 10,000 RPM ball bearing fan for reliable cooling with minimal noise
*Vacuum heat pipe dramatically improves cooling efficiency
*Five times brighter than halogen headlights

*May experience flickering (can be fixed with adding C6 led decoder)

#2 - All in One Mini V9 LED Car Light Bulb

Real Lumens: 1500LM
Wattage: 13W
Cooling Method: Intelligent Constant Cooling System
Warranty: 24 months
Installation pass rate: 100%
Unique Feature: Integrated model design, similar dimension as halogen bulb, Polarity protection

Mini V9 LED Car light bulb adopted sealed class latticepower CSP module, which has smaller and thinner size, no gold wire, stand and solid crystal glue required. Reduce its thermal layer directly. High current resistance, more stable. Reduce the luminous surface to improve its optical density and provide higher output
It is original design as halogen bulb, integrated and compact lamp body, better to solve the the problem of inability to install due to insufficient space of the lamp. Installation pass rate up to 100%. It operates at 13W with real 1500 lumens per bulb, so it’s the best option for led fog light bulb and low beam.
*Similar dimension as original halogen bulb, plug and play
*Mini lamp body design for 100% installation pass rate
*CSP led chip with nice sharp cut and better light beam pattern
*Two year warranty

*May experience can-bus issues (can be fixed with adding C6 led decoder)

#3 - Error free Can-bus F3C led headlight

Real Lumens: 3800LM
Wattage: 45W
Cooling Method: Fan, copper heat pipe, intelligent cooling system
Warranty: 12 months
Installation pass rate: 90%
Unique Feature: Equipped with electronic and capacitance system, 95% canbus issue solved

F3C led headlights are able to achieve high levels of brightness at 7600 lumens with no foggy lights or dark spots thus providing a clear view to the drivers even on dark and hazy nights. The crystal clear 6000K white light makes your drive less stressful and safe as it clearly illuminates the objects and obstacles on the road.
The F3C LED headlights are fitted with an improved intelligent cooling system that ensures that they have a longer life span. This cooling system is a combination of turbo cool fan and copper heat pipe which provide 50,000 hours of bright continuous light. Moreover, this cooling system prevents damage to the headlight components. Canbus F3C led headlights work on the basis of their built-in canbus electrolytic capacitor, which enlarge the wattage of the LED headlights up to the level of regular filament bulbs.

*Equipped with electronic and capacitance system, 95% canbus issue solved.
*55W high power automotive LED chips, high lumen with over 150M range.
*Vacuum heat pipe dramatically improves cooling efficiency

*Price is a little higher than other series led headlight

CN360 never ever stop developing!