X3 All In One 3000LM Led Headlight P13
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Product Model

  • Product Name :X3 Led Headlight P13
  • Visits:957
  • Remarks Name:X3 Led Headlight P13
  • Manufacturer:CN360
  • Chip:ZES
  • Power :25W
  • Voltage:DC9V-32V
  • Electric current:2.0A±0.2A
  • Lumen:3000 Lumens
  • Product feature:Eco-friendly
  • Shipments:10000 sets
  • Package :Neutral box,OEM box
  • Verify:CE,RoHS,IP65
  • Delivery :3-7 Working Days
  • Customs Code:8512201000
  • Available colors :3000K, 6000K, 8000K


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How is lighting and design of CN360 X3 Led Head Lamp P13?
❤.Luminous efficiency improved by 15%, improve lighting distance  
❤.High temperature resistance upgraded by 10%
❤.Low Beam Brightness, 3 times brighter than halogen
❤.High beam irradiation distance up to 200 meters
❤.Innovative H4 inverted T structure lighting, to enhance chips utilization, lighting pattern is more suitable for practical using
❤.Adopted optical reflective design:
     1. Effectively reduce stray lights
     2. Improve the road illumination to ensure safety driving
❤.IC Built-in new generation intelligent IC:
     Intelligent temperature control, automatically identifies the status of car driving or static, intelligently reduce or increase the working current to protect the lights for safer driving  

How about heat dissipation of CN360 X3 Led Head Lamp P13?
Excellent aviation seven grade aluminum heat base
1. Adopted aviation seven grade aluminum, high thermal conductivity, high heat dissipation.
2. Streamline structure design to maximize the cooling surface, applicable for more car models

What color for option?
Two Color Options:
1. Replace according to environment to ensure driving safety
2. Switch the light pictures to match the temperature of color

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