N2 CSP Led H1 Foglight Headlight Bulbs
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Product Model

  • Product Name :H1 Foglight
  • Visits:1103
  • Remarks Name:H1 Foglight
  • Manufacturer:CN360
  • Chip:Seoul-CSP
  • Power :36 Watts
  • Voltage:DC9V-32V
  • Electric current:2.5A±0.2A
  • Lumen:4000 Lumens
  • Product feature:Eco-friendly, High Brightness
  • Shipments:10000 sets
  • Package :Neutral box,OEM box
  • Verify:CE,RoHS,IP65
  • Delivery :3-7 Working Days
  • Customs Code:8512201000
  • Available colors :6000K


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H1 Foglight Specifications:
♠.. 8000 total lumens output, super bright to light up the night
♠.. $10-$20 per set, high cost-effective
♠.. built-in fan for optimal heat dissipation, make sure longer lifespan
♠.. Canbus and normal are available, CSP chips and COB chips available

Q1: What chips do you choose for your N2 H1 led headlight?

A1: CSP chips from Korea.

Q2: How is bulbs size?

A2: The bulbs size is smaller which can suit for more cars!

What is more, they are built-in driver all in one led headlight, with high temperature protection system, which is more convenient to use.

Q3: What are advantages for H1 led headlight bulb?

A3: Firstly, It is super brightness up to 4000lm per bulb comparing with dim yellow light from halogen bulbs. Secondly, it has mini design for easier installation. Thirdly, N2 H1 led headlight bulb designed with cooling fan, its lumen won't reduce even work for 2-3 hours.

Q4: Are there any testing be done before shipment?

A4: All goods will be tested and aging for 72 hours before shipment for sure their quality and reduce defective rate. This is the core principle of CN360's delivery process.

Also, our logistic team will take pictures of goods & box's weight and send you before shipment.

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