Powerful ZES 5,000Lumen 7S Led Headlight 9012
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Product Model

  • Product Name :7S Led Headlight 9012
  • Visits:928
  • Remarks Name:7S Led Headlight 9012
  • Manufacturer:CN360
  • Chip:ZES
  • Power :25W
  • Voltage:DC9V-32V
  • Electric current:2.0A±0.2A
  • Lumen:5000 Lumens
  • Product feature:Eco-friendly
  • Shipments:10000 sets
  • Package :Neutral box,OEM box
  • Verify:CE,RoHS,IP65
  • Delivery :3-7 Working Days
  • Customs Code:8512201000
  • Available colors :3000K, 6500K, 8000K


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7S Led Headlight, Class has Evolved!

How evolved of 9012 car led headlight?
♠.With next Gen ZES chips
♠.High reflective electroplated chrome material
♠.360° Adjustable chuck
♠.Redesigned External IC Driver
♠.Full aluminum alloy body with anti-oxidation and corrosion resistant surface
♠.Full aluminum external driver for high efficiency with RFI protection
♠.Nano-waterproof design

How is new Auto 7S car headlight 9012 product features? 
♣.Redesigned aluminum, ultra-thin radiator for maximum cooling.
♣.Luminous efficient revamped by 15%, improve lighting distance down the road.
♣.With the highest original car quality standards          
       ☇The design of the luminous flux matches the pattern of the original light bulbs.       
       ☇The increased brightness of high-power LED lights doesn't interfere with or glare to other drivers on the road.
♣.New electroplating reflective design
       ☇Effectively reduces stray light.
       ☇Improve road illumination to ensure driving safety.
♣.Upgraded electroplated reflective cup offers concentrated ligt pattern on the road.

Any installation evolved?
New oval shape design offers a compact size for convenience and a simple installation.
        ☇Smaller size, more space-saving
360° adjustable base

        ☇ Eight locking pits can be fixed to your liking for a more appropriate beam angle.   
        ☇ One step process for an easy installation. 

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