Guangzhou OGA brand 4000lumne 25w philips chips 7G Led Head Lamp H11
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Product Model

  • Product Name :7G Led Head Lamp H11
  • Visits:2849
  • Remarks Name:OGA brand Led Head Lamp
  • Manufacturer:CN360
  • Chip:PHI-ZES
  • Power :25 Watts
  • Voltage:DC12-24 Voltage
  • Electric current:2.0A±0.2A
  • Lumen:4000 Lumens
  • Product feature:Eco-friendly, High Brightness
  • Shipments:10000 sets
  • Package :Neutral box,OEM box
  • Verify:CE,RoHS,IP65
  • Delivery :3-7 Working Days
  • Customs Code:8512201000
  • Available colors :6000K


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Guangzhou OGA brand 4000lumne 25w philips chips 7G Led Head Lamp H11

Why choose our 7G Led Head Lamp H11 Kit?!


1: Derived from European union E4 standard design.
2: Exceed the Philips heat dissipation design.
3: Improve the brightness effectively which also improved the driving safety.
4: Diversified installation with adjustable beam angle.
5:Applicable for more vehicles.
6: Normal colour for the 7G Led Head Lamp H11 we provide is silver plus black, we CN360LED can also provide you black shape Gen philips headlight bulbs. If you want to be our Gen 7 Philips Headlight Bulbs 9005 black shape in your country, let us know in advance, then we can negotiation.

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