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Automotive lighting just like person, different people has different job. But do you know their functions? [readmore]
Several yearas ago, some drivers said halogen bulb can not meet the lighting performance when we drive, so they start to pursue xenon light. But recent two years we found LED headlight also have similar performance as xenon light, even better. But now, laser light came out. So what's the difference between them? [readmore]
Today's common car light sources are halogen, xenon, and LED. Halogen lamp has the longest history and is still in service. In addition, the effects of halogen lamps are important in some important vehicle parts, such as fog lamps and light booths. Compared to other light sources, halogen lamp is stronger performance in the rainy and foggy weather. [readmore]
How to have the hazard warning lamps on correctly? It aims at reminding drivers to pay attention on the urgent situations or terrible weather. This essay will tell you how should we do if we need to use hazard warning lamps. [readmore]
In many Volkswagen and Audi cars, the light bulbs are fixed with external clips and are equipped with power cords inside. This may make it difficult to install aftermarket HID conversion kits because larger HID bulbs are not suitable and the new HID bulb already has wires. [readmore]
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