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But for CN360 canbus SMD2835 T15 led bulb, its temperature become higher after working for a while. Its power will be decreased a little, because it doesn't have insert intelligent temperature controlled components, but its canbus function doesn't be influenced. [readmore]
1: led decoder is special design for European cars bulbs error problems. To compare with the old design led decoder, the new one will be more stable and suit for more cars. 2:led load resistor is special design for USA series cars. To compare with the old design led load resistor, the new one is more easy for installation, not as hot as the old one when working! [readmore]
8G H7 headlight is with the more flexible rotate design. There is no need any wrench and no worry how many degree you need to change, just change the base pin with you hand to get the best beam angle you need! [readmore]
Japanese car may come across with the socket fall off problem and you need to add the additional socket to the headlight. [readmore]
Super Car Led Headlight 3S for Peterbilt “Hello Sirius, got a minute for a question? Our 6G led headlight can not suit for the Peterbilt? One day in week customer Mike from Canada asked. [readmore]
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