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N3 CITIZEN Led Headlight Kit
2017-06-22 14:09:58
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Dear all,

"There are Philips,CREE, CSP, COB chips led headlight from CN360, why you adopted CITIZEN chips for N3 headlight this time? And why you make it now?" After we first debuted the N3 led head lights, some people asked.
For the chips, so many customers want to find the replacement, but it is very hard to find it with better quality and similar price. Citizen chips is with good performance for adopting in car lighting to meet the market!
For the market, COB led headlight is very hot sales now, but the defective rate is also a little higher than other series headlight. New N3 led headlight is with lower defective rate owes to its new design!
For the design, N3 led headlight is with the same fan design as new Philips headlight. What is more, N3 led headlight is with PCB copper for better thermal conductivity and better light beam pattern.
For light beam pattern, adopted PCB copper is to entrust thinner lighting body and cut down the lighting shadow to meet better light beam pattern
When most of the friends plan to have a longer time vacation, we make the N3 led headlight and finished all the test as a gift for your market! We never ever stop developing new products