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Keep growing
2018-07-31 17:27:58
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Customer A, What new headlight product you have now?

Customer B, Why you launch two series led headlight in a time?

Every time we launch new products, we receive two vastly different reactions.
As we all know, times is always rapid developing. It requires us should unceasingly to accept new things. CN360 has young and passionate team, who will grow up with you together.
We launch new products every two months. And we divided our products into three grades to meet and suit different market. upper, middle and lower end.
We are required to manufacture the lower end led headlight to match the market with price around 7usd. We did try for more than 6 months for heat sink design, material selecting and light beam pattern consideration. But all of these are not pass our testing. We have our own strict standards for every R&D product, we are not only need to responsible for your profit, but also your reputation as a partner and friend. Anyway, we CN360 still try to making the most suitable products for every market. We appreciated every suggestion of yours, and we believe we all will have a brighter future!
Below are three kinds of newest headlight products. Upgraded N1S led headlight, Mini J1 led headlight and super mini YZ led headlight.

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