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How does the dual color led headlight bulb work
2018-08-08 14:32:08
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 CN360 latest J1 dual color light in one LED headlamp (3000K Golden Yellow & 6000K White), color change initiates once power switched.

1. Do you know how does the dual color led headlight work?

High/Low beam: high beam with golden light, low beam with white light.

Single beam: first start with white light, then turn off and start again with golden light.

2. Do you know what is the best color temperature for driving?

The Best color temperature for driving at night is 6000K ~ 6500K. This range of color temperature is most nearly like sunlight, in which human eyes can see best.

The Best color temperature for driving at bad climate is 3000K. Yellow light is suitable for bad climate. It can cut through air moisture as compared to white light. It has strong penetration without glare light for rainy, foggy and snowy weather. 


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