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F2 auto led headlight bulb
2017-12-01 22:11:57
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 Hi guy,


"We tested F2 auto led headlight bulb for 12 hours and it just dropped a bit of brightness, you can see the strong light down the far distance! Its open fan and external driver is perfect for extreme heat and humidity weather in Indonesia!".  

Our customer from Canton Fair gave us the feedback about F2 after his testing.

So, why our CN360 F2 auto led headlight bulb achieved great breakthrough?

1, All in one aviation aluminum for better heat dissipation;

2, High speed ball fan design to fasten the speed of heat dissipation;

3, Intelligent driver with built-in IC to make sure long life span and stable quality.


High illumination F2 led kit as below:

Hot sale model H4 and H7 in stock NOW!

Samples will be arranged soon on you request.


CN360 Mission: Better Light, Better Life.