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Enterprise News
In order to celebrate the new score of 10 minutes, 49 seconds and 09 seconds to refresh the United States Parker Peak Mountaineering SUV records, Bentley introduced the Pikes Peak Special Edition models. [readmore]
Every time we held the sales competition is the first time, but the result is fixedly either lose or win. While the experience is different every time. CN360 team don’t fight for the result, but try our best to fight for the process what we experienced. [readmore]
Recently, foreign media reported that Pininfarina will work with the Croatian electric supercar brand Rimac to develop a highly-accelerated pure electric sports car. Its 0-100km/h acceleration time will be within 2 seconds. [readmore]
Recently, George Patton announced the official listing of its chariots and the new War Sword models. The G.Patton GX was a replacement for the previous generation of the George Barton. It was based on the new generation of Ford F-350s, and it also replaced Ford's latest 3.5T engine. [readmore]
Recently, Mercedes-Benz released an official picture of a group of V-class Night Edition models. The new car has added some black paint and AMG kits on the exterior, and the visual effect has been more radical. It is reported that the car will be sold in Germany in early June. [readmore]