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Canbus T15 Led Bulbs For Luxury Car
2017-09-26 14:44:08
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Hi guys,


Thank you for always keep your eyes on our CN360. Today we want to share what our loyal customer's feedback on our T15 Led bulbs.


According to our customer's feedback, we tested the SMD2835 T15 led bulb and SMD3020 921 led bulb for one hour, we found the power of SMD3020 921 led bulb will be reduced more, but SMD2835 T15 led bulb less.



Why CN360 canbus T15 led bulb happen this issue?


We carried this issue and confirmed with our engineer, she said, our SMD3020 T15 led bulb is full aluminum design for perfect heat dissipation, and it has built-in intelligent temperature controll components. So when it is overheated, its canbus function will be waeken as for the power declined. Actually it happens in luxury Audi car.


But for CN360 canbus SMD2835 T15 led bulb, its temperature become higher after working for a while. Its power will be decreased a little, because it doesn't have insert intelligent temperature controlled components, but its canbus function doesn't be influenced.


In conclusion, CN360 suggest you install SMD2835 T15 led bulb in Audi car for the better user's experience.


We are so happy that our customers shared their feedback with us, we CN360 has professional R&D Development and Quality Control Team. If you want to get more information of high quality auto lights, please seek on CN360LED.


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