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CN9 Canbus HID Kit
2017-08-23 19:33:13
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Dear All,
Have a nice time!
Since 2012, thousands kinds of led headlight comes out like flooding.
You may tired for choosing and installing them with decoder but still fail to solve the error problem.
We hereby to introduce you strong Canbus HID kit for meeting success!
1: Super canbus function to solve error problems of BMW, MINI, BENZ, VW, FORD, KIA, JEEP etc.
2: Slim and elegant design, suitable for more cars.
3: Special design xenon bulbs, perfect match hid kit without any fault.
4: Nine features in one ballast, stable and reliable. 
 ☇Adopted haute couture ASIC chips
 ☇Only seventy components contribute to small size
 ☇Faster response, FSW=150 KHZ to meet canbus and fast start function
 ☇Output full bridge transformation, adopted 600V Cool MOS tube electric circuit
  ☇Instant start lighting without flickering and trembling, more stable
  ☇Fast strobe, reachable to 4 times/ second
  ☇Stronger EMI anti-interference, solve the vehicle electronic equipment interference problem completely, such as radio interference.
  ☇42W output design, coupled with the line loss, makes the overall power perfect match with the 55W original bulb
  ☇Applied screened metal wire for input and output, less interference, stronger performance and higher quality
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