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Does the DRL need high brightness?
2018-03-23 10:48:25
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Some customers asked us before, is it possible to be the led headlight kit as the DRL? Does it need high brightness?


The answer is for sure, but as the DRL, it doesn’t require for high brightness.


DRL means when you are driving to be recognized, which installed in the front of the led headlight bulb. Strictly, DRL is not the lighting lamp, instead of let the driver see the road clearly.  It belongs to signal light. So the most important usage for DRL is to be seen when we drive, improve the driving safety.


In 2011, European Union requires all the new vehicles must be installed with DRL to improve the driving safety. When the car starts on, DRL is on so that to draw the other vehicles and passengers attention. When the night falls, low beam is on, DRL is off.